Monday, June 2, 2014

In support of time travel #apmp

"Hey, boss, I got that email ready for you...yeah, the one for the follow-up to the APMP Bid & Proposal Con last week. Yeah, I sent you a copy of the draft."

"What's that? Add a graphic to it? Let me...yeah, I know. Graphics add comprehension to communications...I know, I know....How about if I just throw the conference logo graphic thing in there? OK, I'll do that."

(Two minutes later.)

"Yeah, boss, I sent that email out with the graphic, but after I sent it out, I noticed something."

"Uh, look at the bottom right. We created the graphic before the conference, and we put 'REGISTER NOW' in big letters. But now we're sending this email out AFTER the conference, and we still got that 'REGISTER NOW' message there."

"What's that, boss? You say proposal people, because of deadlines, will pioneer time travel?"

"Well, um, yeah, boss, if they time travel back to register, we COULD get 10,000 conference attendees."
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