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Rose+Moser+Allyn and their new clients Samy and Amy Bouzaglo - too little, too late?


Yesterday, the principals at Amy's Baking Company (see my Tuesday post if you are unfamiliar with this firm) released the following statement:

Other Side of Amy’s Baking Company Controversy in Scottsdale To Soon Be Told

SCOTTSDALE, AZ. MAY 15, 2013 -- Amy’s Baking Company will host a Grand Re-Opening on Tuesday night, May 21, following unflattering portrayals on national television.

Customers will be able to decide who is correct: a famous celebrity chef or the marketplace that has supported the small, locally-owned business for six years.

When re-opened, a portion of proceeds will benefit a charity organized to bring awareness to cyber bullying.

Seating is limited. Reservations may be made by emailing

Diners will also have the opportunity to meet, and judge for themselves the character of owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, who have devoted their lives to and earn their living from their small restaurant. The Bouzaglos have been married for 10 years, after Sammy emigrated from Israel.

The owners will likely be holding a press conference before the Grand Re-Opening and answer falsehoods depicted on a reality television show, including assertions that the restaurant confiscates tips from servers.

In fact, wait staff is paid $8-$14 per hour, two and half to nearly five times the standard hourly wage for servers.

Questions will also be answered about what happened to their Facebook page.

Amy’s Baking Company was recently featured on the hit PBS show “Check Please” and has received A+ reports from CBS 5 for kitchen preparedness.

“We are very upset by what has taken place, apologize about the acrimony that has ensued but now must fight back to save our business. We hope and believe much good can result from what has transpired. We ask the public to keep an open mind as we begin to tell our side of the story,” Samy Bouzaglo said.

For more details, please contact Michael Saucier.


The key is the email address that appears in the middle of the statement. is the website for Rose+Moser+Allyn, a public and online relations firm that lists "crisis communication" as one of its specialties.

Clearly, Rose+Moser+Allyn wants to highlight the positives of the Bouzaglos. The strong marriage, and the way that Samy turned Amy's life around after her previous legal difficulties. Their charitable work. Their impeccably clean kitchen. Amy's charming nature, shown on the show when at one point she talks very sweetly to one of her workers. (And no, I'm not joking. Check the tape.)

At the same time, however, the firm needs to address and mitigate the negatives. As I've said in a Loren Feldman thread, this might involve some intensive roleplay betwen now and May 21.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall of the offices of Rose, Moser, and Allyn over the next few days. "OK, Samy, we're going to do this roleplay ONE MORE TIME. And this time when I say 'The pizza is undercooked,' remember that you do NOT want to reply with 'Don't mess with this gangster, baby.'"

Can Samy and Amy, after a week of intense preparation, manage to keep their cool for an entire evening?

And what if they can't? Well, I addressed that issue in another Loren Feldman thread, in which (before the Bouzaglos' hiring of Rose+Moser+Allyn was known), Loren asked the question, "What would you do if you were Amy, or maybe what would you tell her to do?"



Imagine the heart-rending story of a woman who got mixed up in identity theft and pole dancing or whatever, the pain of a divorce, etc. Then she met the man who turned her life around, and she was able to realize her dream of opening a restaurant. But because of the pain that she was suffering from her former life, and the hard shell that she had built around herself to protect herself, she could never enjoy it. She did charitable work, she tried to provide the best cuisine in Arizona, but then...(chokes back tears) went...ALL...WRONG!

(As Oprah shows various videos from 2010 and 2012, she continues)

Yes, I'm embarrassed to say that was me. I was lashing out at the world. I was afraid that everything that I had worked for since I met Samy would all be taken away from me. And I - I -

(She dissolves in tears, and Oprah hugs her.)

Complete contrition may be the only way to save the restaurant's reputation. The current offensive can only work if the negatives about the business - namely, the angry attitude of the owners - can be completely doused. From the tone of the press release, which suggests that everyone else is WRONG, I'm not sure that this has entirely gone away.

You'll notice a few references to Loren Feldman in this thread. Why? Because he's performed public relations for companies. Now to my knowledge, Feldman has never had to respond to a crisis situation like this one. But if you see the work that Feldman has done for his clients, you will see that he works at getting the business owners to tell a story about their businesses. If you look at 1938 Media's "Strategy" page, you will get an idea of what Feldman, or any media advisor, wants to do for a client:

Strategy – We assist in helping companies find their corporate voices, and then telling their story via digital tools. From website design to video production we help to create a defined message, voice, and goal.

Social Media - We help companies to develop sound digital strategies designed to have laser like purpose designed to reach not millions of people, but very specific people. Not just pandering to social media “fans” or “followers” who mean nothing to your business.

Content Marketing – A company needs to talk about more than itself. By developing a strong content marketing strategy a company can drive awareness and start conversations based on creative content.

Intelligence - We help to find signal amongst all the noise. What the market, competitors, and people are talking about.

For the record, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo did not hire Loren Feldman. They hired Jason Rose and his associates. I was unable to find a business philosophy statement on the Rose+Moser+Allyn website, but I did find an account of some of the work that the firm did in 2012. Here are a few excerpts:

RMA co-consulted on Arizona State Representative Jerry Weiers’ successful bid to succeed Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs. He emerged as the top vote getter in the primary election and the ultimate victor in November....

RMA was a key player in providing media relations for the successful November fundraising event for Kevin Kolb’s charity, the Pass It 4ward Foundation. The exclusive event drew about a dozen of Kolb’s Cardinal teammates and garnered a wealth of local media coverage. Founding partner Jason Rose serves on the Foundation’s Board of Directors....

Bob Parsons
The Go Daddy founder asked RMA to help promote the 1st Annual Bob’s Biker Blast at Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale and Go AZ Motorcycles in October. The event featured performances by legendary rockers .38 Special and George Thorogood. Early work for The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation has been even more gratifying....

Hidden Meadow Ranch
Arizona’s top luxury guest ranch is on track to have its best tourism year yet. That’s quite an achievement just one year removed from The Wallow Fire which although not scarring the property scarred many in the Greer area. Hidden Meadow Ranch hired RMA one year ago after seeing success at the Polo Party.

We'll have to wait and see if Amy's Baking Company is part of the list of Rose+Moser+Allyn's 2013 successes. Perhaps the firm is good...but is it THAT good?
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