Friday, February 15, 2013

Whatever happened to Chelsea Welch?

Remember the Applebee's waitress who posted a nasty statement on a check and was fired for breaching privacy? I wrote about her a couple of weeks ago.

On February 12, In These Times posted an interview with the waitress, Chelsea Welch. The interview touched upon a lot of topics, but one topic that came up was the job offers that Welch has received since the fracas.

I have had a couple of offers forwarded to me from the St. Louis area. I’m in contact with some of those people right now; I had a woman from a gaming company contact me and say, “Whatever you can do, let me know. I could use somebody with a strong spirit like you on our team.” I’m just blown away by the generosity of people like that.

Welch went on to say:

My very dear friend at Applebee’s quit that day. When the news came out that I was going to be fired, he put in his two weeks and said, “I can’t work here if you’re going to do this.” As I’ve come across job offers that have been less suitable for me I’ve forwarded his information to them and said, “Please hire him. He’s the best bartender, best server and best friend I’ve ever worked with,” so hopefully this kind of strangely gotten celebrity will at least secure him a job.

Read the rest of Melinda Tuhus' article for In These Times here - including Welch's thoughts on topics such as unionization, boycotts, and the goodness of people.
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