Friday, June 1, 2012

He forgot "social" - the John Heckers jargon sentence from hell

John Heckers crafted the following sentence:

“We need to seamlessly engage 24/7 initiatives through best-of-breed actionable, client-facing items and proactively create 24/365 niche markets through backward-compatible, future-proof enterprise-wide e-services without turnkey systems.”

I think Heckers fit just about every bit of jargonese into that sentence. One word that was missing was "social." However, Heckers wrote that sentence in 2009; I'm sure if he rewrote it today, he'd sneak "social" in there somewhere.

Needless to say, Heckers opposes jargon. Usually. Read this to see the three instances in which jargon SHOULD be used.

And if you really want to look at best of breed, here's the game for you.

And before you brag about your 24/365 service, look here.

P.S. I subsequently realized that Heckers did forget one term that is commonly used.

TDB represents a paradigm shift in the way database applications are developed.
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