Monday, June 7, 2010

Hashtag (and service name) of the day - #wherecampsocal

Some item names are perfect from day one, while other item names take a while to grow on you (for example, Moon Unit Zappa). But when I saw (in AnyGeo) a reference to "WhereCamp," I was hooked.

WhereCamp, you see, is for geographic information systems professionals.

The AnyGeo post referred to the upcoming WhereCamp SoCal (hashtag #wherecampsocal). As I write this an exact location (and time) has not been selected, but details should appear at when they are available.

WhereCamps have been held in northern California (April 2010) (Twitter @wherecamp), Quebec (March 2010), and London (March 2010).

I'm waiting to see if WhyCamps begin to spring up. Note that I'm talking about "whycamp," not "why camp," the latter being a question that has been answered in verse:

Have a blast and laugh all day. Then you’ll know the Kanata way. Swim, canoe or shoot a bow and steal the show. Feel free to laugh, but not to frown. You’ll have a blast, just come on down!

Spend a week you’ll understand, why Camp Kanata rules the land. Once you leave we’re sure you’ll miss all of nature’s splendid bliss.

This raises the question - what rhymes with Tetrox?
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