Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vertical sitefinding - can Captain Kirk help John Gaiser? Can John Gaiser help Captain Kirk?

Inasmuch as I have structured the Empoprises series of blogs by various vertical categories (e.g. the Empoprise-BI blog for business), it stands to reason that I have a vested interest in proclaiming that vertical markets are wonderful and the wave of the future. Therefore, because of my biases, I am going to heartily endorse something that I learned about in Urlesque - namely, the myouterspace.com sci-fi social network.

This network is not for everyone. Case in point - my character name of "Tony Spock Yoda" on Starfleet Commander is a bit of an inside joke. You see, I work with a guy named Tony who absolutely detests both Star Trek and Star Wars. However, he's softened his stance a bit, probably because Tony's job requires him to work closely with Michael Senna (who, in his spare time, entertains sick kids and others with a working R2D2 - see the blog).

Now I don't know if Michael Senna would enjoy myouterspace.com either, because the website prominently features a movie star on its web page - not Harrison Ford, however, but William Shatner. So we're not talking about the Force here, but about planets and captains and things like that.

Oh, and there's a mission of sorts:

Whether you are an actor, writer, animator or gamer MyOuterSpace.com has a home for you. Creative Talent, be sure to register on the planet that hosts your specialty, and you may be selected by a Captain to join his/her Starship Crew.

So I started to check some of the captains that had been selected. I first checked the Captain of Aurora:

Captain of Aurora

Member since
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 15:45
Last online
123 days ago
Profile views

Hmm...he's dead, Jim.

But then I checked the Captain of Endeavor and got the same message. It appears that the captains are in some kind of suspended animation.

But the site's not completely empty. I found the profile for TrekkieTweet, the self-proclaimed 29th citizen of Zara. TrekkieTweet likes (don't be surprised) William Shatner, but also has an appreciation for Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine, and Elvis Presley.

I also found an unhappy customer, johncgaiser .

I can't keep loged in // Can't change my avatar with a standard jpg // What kind of outfit is this place?

But Gaiser apparently was able to link to his YouTube channel, so that once the captains come out of suspended animation, they can see his work. Here's a sample:

If you poke around, you can also find Gaiser's professional website.

It's an interesting story - Gaiser is obviously looking for ways to promote his work, and he thought that Captain Kirk could help him do it. And perhaps there is a project for Gaiser - TechCrunch's Erick Schonfeld links to this video, which Schonfeld says needs help desperately.

Unfortunately, the video stars William Shatner, and is a promotional video for myouterspace.com itself.
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