Thursday, February 11, 2010

Facebook login - why do we make it so hard?

I should be able to start up my computer, tell it that I want to log in to Facebook, and have my computer log in to Facebook.

You know, just type the words "facebook login."

So why doesn't my computer allow me to do that?

(References: Jake Kuramoto's post and my comment; The Last Podcast post (my comment was posted 11 February at 2:00 pm); the ReadWriteWeb post and my comment; and the Signal vs. Noise post that occupied Jake's mind in the first place.)

For an opposing view, read this comment at Jake's post. An excerpt:

Web browsers have been pretty ubiquitous parts of our lives for the past +10 years. The fact that these people are able to get on facebook at all should signify how (pardon the phrase) "idiot proof" technology has become.

These people don't know what a web browser is, but they regularly use a real-time streaming social network filled with status updates, wall posts, pokes, and picture tagging. So no, it's not Facebook or Google's fault. It's no one's fault really. These people have chosen to be this naive about technology and will continue to be so.

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