Monday, December 28, 2009

Yogurtime in Upland California - this blog post is THE information source

I was accepting a friend request in FourSquare (my FourSquare name is empoprises, natch), and I was looking over my list of places where I am still mayor. Because FourSquare has not reached critical mass, and because I am in a less traveled area, I am currently the mayor of fourteen locations. Since one of those places was Yogurtime in Upland, I figured I'd look for the frozen yogurt shop's official website.

Guess what? It doesn't have one.

Kind of odd, in a way, since their store features a sticker saying that they are listed on Yelp. You'd think that Yogurtime would realize the value of an online presence.

Well, in a way, they do - they just let someone else control the online view of Yogurtime. You see, when you search for Yogurtime in Google, the first result that displays is Yelp's page. After the Yelp entries, the next thing that displays is the FourSquare page - a page that is dominated by me, to put it quite frankly.

Luckily for Yogurtime, I LIKE the place. That is not true, however, of some of the people on Yelp.

Not impressed - with the yogurt, or the prices, or the employees. These "pay by the ounce" yogurt places are popping up all over the place and it's really annoying. You do everything yourself. The employees don't do anything except weigh the bowl and ring the register - and it's MORE expensive...

Not impressed. The yogurt was very similar to the kind they served at undergrad. Watery, not creamy, cheap-O frozen yogurt. The brownie-bites I put on it were moist, and not stale like some other I'll throw in a star. Psh...

There's always something great about buying yogurt per ounce. If you only want a small amount of yogurt, you can just pay like $1.50 for exactly how much you want. Unfortunately, this pricing system is the only positive thing I can say about Yogurtime. The yogurt is a LOT better at Fruizen in Claremont or even Pinkberry in Rancho Cucamonga. The yogurt at Yogurtime just tastes very cheap and it's too milky. The mochi rice balls are too sticky and mushy. The kiwi definitely doesn't taste fresh...

Now since Yogurtime hasn't established its own web presence, the Yelp reviews are the first thing that people see about Yogurtime. And while they aren't uniformly negative - the mean rating is 4 out of 5 stars, after all - Yogurtime is sacrificing its communication capability to others.

Perhaps it will be sacrificed to this blog post. Granted that Empoprise-BI doesn't have the pull of Yelp, but what if this post were the first thing that people found when people searched for information about Yogurtime? That would be disastrous.

However, Yogurtime can easily rectify this. You don't need to create your own website to get Google juice. In fact, Yogurtime's Twitter account ranks very highly in Google search results. Only problem is that this @yogurtime Twitter account is for a Yogurtime in Hong Kong. However, it's significant to note that the Twitter account ranks above the website. (Yogurtime Hong Kong also has a Facebook page, by the way.)

So all the folks in Upland need to do is to establish a @yogurtimeupland Twitter account, and hopefully all the third-party content on Yogurtime will be pushed down the search queue.

For an example of what to do, Yogurtime only needs to visit, which also has a Twitter and Facebook account. Or for a Twitter-only example, see @My_Delight, a new cupcake shop in Ontario, California. If I recall correctly, My Delight contacted me to let me know about the Twitter account (since I'm listed as an Ontario, California Twitter user, it's easy enough for My Delight to find local people).

I'd email Yogurtime with these suggestions...but their email is not listed. Perhaps they'll find this post and at least set up a Twitter account to communicate with their customers online.

And maybe they'll implement privileges for FourSquare mayors. :) One can only hope...
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