Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time for #superbowlads year 2

Jeremiah Owyang is at it again:

Last year, I kicked off a twitter game that let folks rate superbowl ads....

We found that many enjoyed making the game interactive, by watching and critiquing the ads (more fun that just consuming) and many non-football fans were able to get into the spirit of it, (some were dragged to the superbowl parties).

But this year, Owyang won't participate himself:

I’ll be on a plane flying from Maui to SF during the superbowl (not really a loss for me) so I won’t be there to enjoy the festivities....

However, the event will still go on, with other people (such as Brian Solis) running the show.

To get your opinions heard, just be sure to include the hashtag #superbowlads in your Super Bowl advertisement-related tweets. And participate in the SocialToo survey (new for this year). Louis Gray has more details on the SocialToo survey.

I participated in the tweet-a-thon last year (although it was conducted differently), and plan to do so again this year.

Frankly, this will be an interesting year to watch how people react to the Super Bowl ads. Because of the downturn in the economy, NBC has had a difficult time selling ads in the last few months. (Silicon Alley Insider wrote about this in November.) Will the companies who did buy the ads feel that it was worth it? Will the companies that didn't buy the ads (e.g. the Big Three automakers) feel like they missed out?

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