Monday, March 27, 2017

Turns out I was a pioneer in counteracting gluten deficiency

Normally I am not trendy, but I have found an instance in which I am actually a trendsetter.

Evidence: back in August 2014 I wrote the groundbreaking post Are you suffering from gluten deficiency? Excerpt from this very important article:

After consulting with authoritative experts, we have identified the major symptoms of gluten deficiency.

1. Tiredness and inability to sleep
2. Shortness of breath
3. An intense preoccupation with sex
4. Increased use of the Internet

If you are suffering from ZERO OR MORE of these symptoms, then you probably have gluten deficiency, and you need to take immediate action to avoid risk of death.

Over a year later, in July 2015, The Science Post picked up on the theme. Now some people would claim that gluten deficiency is an obvious topic to write about with all the gluten-free fadsters running around, but I assert that the Science Post would never have thought of writing about gluten deficiency if I hadn't written about it first. This is part of what the Science Post said:

According to Nutritionist Dexter McFadden, low levels of certain naturally-occurring proteins are responsible for a variety of health problems.

“I take detailed dietary surveys all my patients. These patients had a multitude of health problems including: GI distress, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, hay fever, rash, palpitations, and sunburn. A common feature was low intake of barley, rye, and wheat.”

Now the Science Post refused to endorse my EmpoSuperGlut solution, and instead offer a different product.

McFadden has written a book “Gluten of the Gods” and produces his own line of “McFadden’s Gluten-Enhanced Dietary Supplements” which he sells on his webpage.

But they aren't the only people who were inspired by me. Just this year, The Turunn Tribune offered its own product.

The Turunn Tribune has partnered with Scrottfroght’s (Sweden’s brand leader in herring-related products) to create a new gluten supplement. And here’s the clever part: to ease social acceptability the product is labelled as a “Gluten-Free Diet Support” allowing it to be eaten freely in any situation without fear of stigmatization....

If you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms of gluten deficiency–weariness, itching, gastrointestinal discomfort, heartburn, hair loss, unusual involuntary verbal outbursts, swollen wrists, red blotches, or a pronounced limp–don’t bother about asking your doctor, just buy this supplement and reclaim the missing zest in your life!

So I wonder what the Swedish version of the "not evaluated by the FDA" disclaimer looks like.

P.S. I guess I need to point out that (1) the so-called EmpoSuperGlut website is actually a Snopes spurious article stating that Mr. Ed was a zebra; (2) The Science Post includes the word "satire" in its site description; and (3) the Turunn Tribune also offers an audio edition for deaf readers.
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