Monday, March 4, 2013

Why tech doesn't matter, March 2013 edition

Those of us who are involved in tech in some way live in a bubble surrounded by mirrors. We often think that our concerns are extremely important. But in a world in which over six billion people don't have a (snort) Facebook account, it turns out that our concerns are meaningless to the rest of society.

Recently I've written about topics such as Google Glass, ad-funded tech services, and Groupon's true customers.

News flash - most people don't care about Google Glass, ad-funded tech services, or Groupon's true customers. (Or, for that matter, Groupon.)

Don't believe me? A recent news article discussed "the highest-profile American to meet Kim [Jong Un] since Kim inherited power from father Kim Jong Il in 2011."

No, the article wasn't talking about Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, whose recent trip to North Korea resulted in massive conversation in the tech bubble.

It turns out that "the highest-profile American to meet Kim" was actually former basketball player Dennis Rodman.

You see, for all of the admiration that we techies lavish on Schmidt, he didn't actually meet Kim.

Rodman did.
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