Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who is David Gokhshtein?


After I finished writing yet another post about Foursquare, I viewed it in the blog to make sure it looked OK. That's when I noticed the ad that my ad provider (sort of rhymes with "frugal") served up.

Apparently I'm not the only one who figures that online mentions of Foursquare are a good thing. It appears that David Gokhshtein is targeting his "hire me" ad to appear on websites that mention Foursquare.

Now I'm not allowed to click on my own ads, so I had to use other methods to learn who David Gokhshtein is.

It turns out that the ad is a tool to promote Your Lane Media. Here's what it's about:

Your Lane Media, founded by David E. Gokhshtein, is an Internet Marketing company dedicated to bringing your vision to life. It is comprised of a team of experts who have a wide and concrete background in internet marketing and web design. Our company offers a variety of services, each of which are mastered by professionals. We possess the tools and skills required to make a business grow and succeed. Dealing with companies that range from every day moms and pops shops to big corporations, looking to advertise their products and services via the Internet, Your Lane Media has what it takes to stay ahead of its competition. We work rapidly, efficiently and professionally.

Among the services provided is search engine optimization:

Commonly people who seek specific products and services are more likely to click on and browse through the first links that appear on the page. Our team of experts will work to transfer your link from the bottom of the page to the top, and make sure that your site appears frequently in comparison to all the other links that are listed on the pages of the major search engines mentioned above. Our team works vigorously to ensure that your site will generate more traffic and attract new and potential long term clients.

Presumably Gokhshtein can make the argument "Do you want people interested in Foursquare to go to Foursquare's site, or to some other site?"

Your Lane Media has issued this press release:

Newly Launched Internet Marketing Company Your Lane Media Helps Businesses Thrive

Your Lane Media is an Internet Marketing company dedicated to turning a vision into perfection. The company specializes in Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Press Releases, Mobile Application Development and much more. The main goal of Your Lane Media is to work with the client to ensure that their business is a success.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) June 9, 2010 -- Your Lane Media would like to announce its Grand Opening. It is an internet marketing company dedicated to expanding any business through the virtual world of the internet. The company is comprised of a team of experts trained to utilize their many skills and tools of the internet, marketing, and artistic talent and applying it to the necessary steps of advancing any business.

Many people might wonder what differentiates Your Lane Media from other media companies. The answer to that is that Your Lane Media provides immaculate services with affordable prices for a variety of business' big or small looking to expand and market their products on the world wide web.

The team at Your Lane Media, works with the client to turn their vision into reality by applying the tools and knowledge along with the vision, style, and demands of the client to produce the type of results they seek.

Your Lane Media specializes in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Development, Social Media, Press Releases, and obile Application Development. Trust the team at Your Lane Media to further advance your business and achieve the results you desire.

With the mention of this article you will receive a 20% discount off any services provided by Your Lane Media. Good until 7-31-2010.

# # #

Unfortunately, I didn't ask the question "Who is Your Lane Media?" I asked the question "Who is David Gokhshtein?" And here's what else I found.

According to his modeling page, he has a 36" bust and speaks Russian and Japanese.

As of 2008, he campaigned for Facebook president on a platform of keeping the old Facebook alive. Presumably he's not a fan of Bret Taylor.

His Twitter page @pagautogroup shows that he likes location-based service...Booyah.

Still haven't found his Foursquare account yet.
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