Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Luckily, you cannot take an OCTA bus to a UK Cabinet meeting

[DISCLOSURE: Read the rather lengthy financial disclosure in my September 12 Empoprise-IE post about the OCTA.]

Most industries realize the benefits of making the purchase process frictionless. (My industry chooses to use a different term, because if you're frictionless, then your fingers don't have friction ridges and an automated fingerprint identification system doesn't work.) Transportation systems are no exception.

If you're an older person who rides the bus, then you probably remember how you were once urged, "don't carry cash." So you buy a bus ticket or a bus pass - but that's a hassle because you have to go to the bus station or the grocery store or wherever to buy the ticket or the pass, and you have to carry cash to the place of purchase, kinda sorta defeating the purpose.

In Orange County, California, there's an app for that:

Beginning October 9, eliminate the hassle of carrying paper passes or exact change by using our new OC Bus Mobile Ticketing app on all fixed-route buses. Buy your bus fare anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, then activate your ticket when you’re ready to ride.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, but is presently not available for the Apple Watch. Just as well, since wearing an Apple Watch to take the bus somewhere may render you unable to enter your destination. (Although I doubt any offices in Santa Ana, California are banning Apple Watches just yet.)
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