Monday, April 18, 2016

Workflow update, and the Empoprise-BI Facebook page

I've been playing around with something for the past few days, and I figure that I ought to clue you in on it. It has to do with my workflow.

In the past, I've gotten all convoluted about my workflow, and have created elaborate diagrams showing how my content flows from one service to another. For example, I shared this workflow back in 2008:

Part of the complexity of this workflow was due to my use of FriendFeed (R.I.P.), which (when originally conceived) served as a way to aggregate stuff from a lot of sources. Of course, FriendFeed (and Google News, etc.) is no more.

These days, my workflow is a lot simpler. NetworkedBlogs currently auto-publishes information about my blog posts to Twitter and to selected Facebook pages, and I manually share these on Google Plus (when I remember to do so). However, I'll confess that I'm not visiting Google Plus all that often these days, and I'm not the only one. I don't believe that Google Plus is dead, but the Facebook audience is still the largest one out there that meets my needs.

Well, provided that people find my content.

While I occasionally share posts from this and other blogs on my personal feed, the best way to find most of my content is through my Facebook pages. For example, this blog has an associated Facebook page, Empoprise-BI.

(My admin view. And yes, I'm working on it.)

Now for the workflow change - over the last few days, I've found that I'm sharing more and more stuff to the Empoprise-BI Facebook page. Some of it is random thought, and some of it may eventually end up as Empoprise-BI blog posts (which, as I mentioned, are automatically shared to the Empoprise-BI Facebook page).

So how can you find out about this amazing content?

By liking the Empoprise-BI Facebook page.

Now I won't insist that you choose the additional option to put Empoprise-BI page content at the very top of your feed. Heck, I don't do that myself (I constantly find myself switching to "most recent" rather than "top stories"). But go ahead and like the page, and be sure to visit it every once in a while. You might find a preview of what's coming up in the Empoprise-BI business blog. Heck, if you contribute, YOU might find yourself featured in the Empoprise-BI business blog. (Exciting, I know.)

(And yes, I'm doing similar things for some of my other blogs, but this post is keeping focused on this blog.)
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