Thursday, October 11, 2018

The latest in #iamnottrendy - I joined Tumblr this week.

Those of you on Google+ know that everyone is stressing out over which service they're going to join when Google+ shuts down. (Let's go to Sporeplus! Let's go to WeeWee! Let's go to BigAnimal!)

Well, as of now I haven't done any of these things, even though at least one of these options probably meets my criteria for a Google+ replacement. First, the replacement needs to support multiple types of posts (text, links, pictures, whatever) like Google+ does. Second, the replacement has to have a mobile app.

I have found a replacement that meets both of my criteria, and it's not Pluspora or MeWe or Mastodon or any of the other things that the cool kids are looking at this week. And it offers another benefit: both Mitch Wagner and Steven Perez are on this service.

The name of the service?


Perhaps you've heard of it. After all, it's been around for over a decade. I just never got around to joining it until this week.

There is, of course, one big drawback to Tumblr - namely, that it's owned by Oath, the company that was once Yahoo! and the company that makes Google appear to be stable and consistent. So we'll see how long Tumblr lasts.

Anyway, my Tumblr name is Empoprises, I'm at, and I'm trying to duplicate my Google+ categories as Tumblr hashtags (yes, I've already used #guvmint). Not implying that I know what I'm doing in Tumblr, but I'm slowly figuring it out.

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