Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A McDonald's on Vatican-owned property - what's the problem?

As many of you know, Vatican City is not only the center of the Roman Catholic Church, but is also an independent country in its own right. Vatican City itself occupies specific boundaries, but some Vatican-owned buildings spill over into the neighboring country of Italy. And the first floor tenant of one of these buildings is stirring controversy:

A new McDonald’s site opened last Friday in the Pio Borgo district of Rome, and the Vatican isn’t exactly “lovin’ it,” as it were. That’s because the new McDonald’s location, just around the corner from St. Peter’s Square, sits about 100 yards away from the walls of the Vatican State and within a Vatican-owned building....

While McDonald’s has another location some 200 yards from the Vatican (and there’s also a Burger King), the controversy comes more from the fact that the newest addition to the burger chain resides directly within Vatican-owned property. The building also just happens to be home to Vatican officials, including several senior cardinals. McDonald’s reportedly pays the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See more than $30,000 a month for the building’s bottom floor.


I fail to see the problem here. Unless the Cardinals are engaged in a perpetual fast, I don't see anything in a McDonald's that contradicts Roman Catholic doctrine. If McDonald's were anathema, we wouldn't see stories like this one out of Oklahoma.

Members of the St. Philip Neri Catholic School alumni class of 2016 delivered more than 30,000 pop can tops collected by the middle school to the Ronald McDonald House.

I suspect that the true controversy here is the fact that McDonald's is an American-owned company. I suspect a nice Italian restaurant would cause no controversy whatsoever.

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