Thursday, October 6, 2016

#icymi October so far on Empoprise-BI (and tymshft too)

There have been a variety of posts on the Empoprise-BI business blog so far in October. Although Empoprise-IE (my Inland Empire blog), Empoprise-MU (my music blog), and Empoprise-NTN (my NTN Buzztime blog) have been quiet this month, a tymshft post may be of interest to Empoprise-MU readers.

Saturday, October 1
#psl So-called Pumpkin Spice Latte - Butternut Eugenol Latte?

By George Chernilevsky - Own work, Public Domain,

...So pumpkin pie doesn't have pumpkin, and pumpkin spice doesn't have the spices you'd expect. So I guess your pumpkin spice latte is really a butternut eugenol latte.

At least the latte has real milk, doesn't it?...


Monday, October 3
#louisedelage #instagram #viral #hashtag3 #hashtag4 #hashtag5 #hashtag6 #hashtag7

...20-30 hashtags! For someone like me who initially encountered hashtags on Twitter, the idea is mind-boggling. But Instagram (and Facebook) allow multiple hashtags, so why not make use of them?...


Tuesday, October 4
Kmart, 1962-2017??? (the October 3 rebuttal)

Eddie Lampert of Sears Holdings takes issue with reports of Kmart's impending demise....


Wednesday, October 5
Rise and fall, indeed – Madness looks back

In 2011, Kronenbourg shared a two-minute beer advertisement in which some older men sang a song in a pub, then walked out. Well, most of them walked out; the saxophone player kinda sorta drifted away.

For some of the younger viewers of the ad, it was probably an entertaining commercial, though they wouldn’t get mad about it.


Thursday, October 6
The organizational implications of Yahoo's email scanning

...In essence, one part of Yahoo made a change to Yahoo's internal systems without letting the security group know about it. To its credit, the security group discovered the change on its own (although one could argue that in the ideal world, the change should have been noticed within minutes, not weeks)....


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