Wednesday, August 5, 2015

No, the Amazon Raid does not involve drones

My employer is a subsidiary of the French company Safran, and our parent participates in a number of philanthropic activities. Employees get a newsletter on this from time to time, and the cover of one such newsletter confused me in its reference to an "Amazon Raid." I pictured some type of European Union activity against an Amazon warehouse in Europe - or, alternatively, an Amazon activity against someone in which armed drones were used.

I was (yet again) wrong. "Amazon Raid" is a translation of the name of a French reality TV show, which will be based in Bali this fall:

Indonesia will become the host of France’s popular reality show, Raid Amazone, in October this year.

The program -- which is another version of the US travel show Amazing Race, except that all contestants are women -- will take place in Bali.

Our newsletter mentioned this because one of the teams is from Safran:

Toutes les trois salariées Safran, nous avons à cœur de représenter les valeurs de notre Groupe sur le Raid Amazones 2015 !

Notre équipe a reçu le soutien du Mécénat Safran, ainsi que le soutien de nos sociétés respectives, Safran Tech et Aircelle. Nous allons donc porter fièrement les couleurs Safran à l’occasion du Raid Amazone 2015 à Bali, du 6 au 16 Octobre 2015.

Did I mention that Safran is headquartered in France?
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