Monday, December 2, 2013

This blog is receiving editorial suggestions from Mark Zuckerberg

I'm more amused than disturbed by something I saw in Facebook this afternoon.

Among all of the notifications - both from real people and from various games and apps that these people are using - I found this particular notification.

The "big M" logo is one that I adopted some time ago for the various Empoprises Facebook pages. Oddly enough, this notification came from my Empoprise-MU Facebook page for music, not my Empoprise-BI Facebook page for business.

The part that amuses me - and possibly disturbs you - is what Facebook is urging me to write about.

It seems that over the last couple of weeks, many more people were talking about Black Friday than about Cyber Monday. And there's a reason for that - now that many people have fairly nice Internet access speeds at home, the need to shop at work on the Monday after Thanksgiving has decreased substantially. Black Friday, by contrast, is more timebound, even if it now occurs on Thursday rather than Friday.

But someone at Facebook decided that content creators need to write about Cyber Monday, and sent a message to us content creators suggesting that we do so.

Well, Facebook's entreaty resulted in a post - but perhaps not the post that Facebook wanted.

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