Thursday, May 30, 2013

Splitting off to perform a startup - when you're splitting from al-Qaida

It's a common occurrence at multinationals.

A talented employee who wants to get the attention of central headquarters is instead dickering with regional office people over submitting expense reports.

Finally, the employee decides to resign and start his own company.

The ex-employee has immediate success with his new startup, catching the eye of his old employer's headquarters and causing possible embarrassment for the regional office.

This tale, told by Rukmini Callamachi, would be an amusing business tale. Except for the minor little detail that the "multinational" was al-Qaida, and the "success" of the new startup resulted in the deaths of over 100 people.

It's an AP article, and I think AP still gets really picky about quoting more than a few words from their articles, so I won't.

Actually, I've confirmed that AP still doesn't like this. Take this recent press release:

In clear and sweeping

(Whew, I dodged it again.)
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