Monday, May 20, 2013

If you're getting upset about Amy's Baking Company's PR're too late

Jaw drop.

Earlier today, I wrote a post entitled If you're getting upset about Amy's Baking Company's tipping're too late. Short version: ABC now allows its workers to keep tips (while lowering their base wage). I concluded the post with some observations:'s also interesting to note that Amy's Baking Company and its hired PR firm have already done a quick reversal. As of the 15th, they were declaring that workers were paid $8 or more an hour, and claims "that the restaurant confiscates tips from servers" were "falsehoods."

Two days later, that wage was changed to $5 an hour plus tips.

Whether a formal press conference is held before tomorrow's grand re-opening, or if the press merely asks questions during the grand re-opening (if they're not barred from the premises), it promises to be interesting.

The "PR firm" is Rose+Moser+Allyn, who secure the Bouzaglos as a client last week.

Now, a few hours later, I can refer to Rose+Moser+Allyn as the FORMER PR firm for the Bouzaglos. The Phoenix New Times, which has followed this story, reports:

Rose+Moser+Allyn Public & Online Relations, the Scottsdale-based PR firm helmed by Jason Rose, has announced it has ended its relationship with Amy's Baking Company -- if you could even call it a relationship. The Scottsdale-based company picked up the controversial restaurant (and its high-strung owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo) as clients less than a week ago.

How's that for a publicity stunt for a publicity company's sake?

Rose+Moser+Allyn also claims that the Bouzaglos have cancelled a press conference scheduled for Tuesday - although if you carefully read Rose+Moser+Allyn's original press release (which I reproduced here), a press conference was only announced as "likely."

A mixed martial arts match between Amy Bouzaglo and Dennis Rodman is appearing more and more likely.
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