Sunday, November 4, 2012

Old blog posts - the gifts that keep on giving

I have written for a number of blogs over the years, and I have noticed that as the blogs have matured and their posts have incorporated themselves into the cybersphere, some of these posts eventually begin to get a lot of traffic and exhibit predictable traffic patterns.

For example, my Oracle OpenWorld posts in this and other blogs tend to get more traffic in the fall than at other times of the year.

It appears that one of the posts in my tymshft blog is going to exhibit a regular pattern of popularity also.

I was checking my analytics for Saturday, and I noticed that there was a huge spike in the readership on that day. I initially wondered - were that many people enamored about driverless cars?

Then when I dug into the analytics, I realized that the readers were mostly looking at a single post that I had written in March - Benjamin Franklin's Daylight Saving Time joke is taken seriously.

Since the United States, where most of my readers reside, was about to end Daylight Saving Time, the spike in readers for that particular post is understandable.

See you next spring. Well, I might see you earlier if you're having problems with your KitchenAid oven temperature probe. Or if you receive an incredible offer via a fax from Ruby Addo or Samuel Kofi Atta Mills. Or if the Dodgers' ownership does something really dramatic.
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