Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will Al Franken's next television gig be on the Food Network?

In the process of researching some items regarding Minnesota Senator Al Franken (his subcommittee recently held a hearing on facial recognition), I noticed a "Breakfast with Al" link on his Senate website. I was curious about this, since it is regrettably risky for any member of Congress to meet with his or her constituents. However, these breakfasts are held in Franken's Senate office, which means that you have to go through a lot of security to get there.

On the Breakfast with Al page, the Senator spends a lot of time talking about...breakfast:

We serve real Mahnomin porridge made with wild rice that we bring in from White Earth Reservation. It's a native Minnesota dish that was first created by the voyageurs. The wild rice is cooked with cream, berries, and nuts. It's become a big hit here in the office; our guests like it so much they keep asking for the recipe. I would like to add a special thank you to Mitch Omer and his staff at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis for allowing us to use their Mahnomin Porridge recipe, which you can find below.

Now I ask you - did Senator Humphrey or Senator Mondale ever serve porridge to their constituents?

To get the recipe, go to Senator Franken's website. The Senator also provides this "fun fact":

While the great city and county of Mahnomen, Minnesota are spelled with an "e," the Mahnomin porridge we serve at breakfast is traditionally spelled with an "i".

P.S. I guess that Senators Feinstein and Boxer can hawk this stuff. Recipe not provided. Remember, this is California - we don't want Apple or Google to say that someone stole the recipe.
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