Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sort of targeted marketing

I recently received a webcast invitation via email. You can see the web version of the email invitation here.

Note that the title of the webcast is "Your Most Profitable Customers Ranked - For Long Term Success."

Accurate determination of customer’s Lifetime Value, or LTV, to your brand shapes the extent of your company’s long term success.

And when I received the email invitation, my employer's name was included in the invitation, making it very clear that this webcast would help me target MY customers.

So how come I didn't sign up for the webcast?

Because, despite the great efforts to personalize the invitation to attract me to sign up, I had the sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't really address my needs.

You see, the proposals that I write primarily go to state and local government customers. And while you can probably calculate LTV for such customers, there are a whole slew of variables - purchasing regulations, legislative appropriations, applications for Federal funding grants - that affect the state and local government purchasing process.

Will such topics be addressed in the webcast? I doubt it.

I forget whether this particular webcast provider knows that my customers are primarily government customers, but if the provider didn't ask this, maybe it should have been asked.
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