Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fox Soccer Report, Directed from Calgary?

I don't get the Fox Soccer Channel any more, so I haven't seen the Fox Soccer Report in ages. But it turns out that the New York Times did a behind-the-scenes piece on the show. Fox Soccer Report fans know that the show is based in Winnipeg, but the article revealed some other tidbits:

The studio from which the show emanates nightly is a small room with white walls. Before “Fox Soccer Report” uses it, CKND-TV has aired the local Winnipeg news program from the same room. And used the same news desk. When “F.S.R.” viewers see the Fox Soccer logo on the desk in front of the hosts, what they see is a tiny railing on wheels that has been positioned in front of the CKND logo. The giant stock photo of a crowded soccer stadium that appears behind the hosts is a green-screened onto the wall. If you’re in the room, all you see are bare white walls.

Ah, the magic of television. But there's a director there who's controlling the whole thing, right? Um, nope.

What is even more bewildering is that the nightly production of “Fox Soccer Report,” though based in Winnipeg, isn’t actually directed from there. Or from L.A.. The show’s director is, who is in Calgary, at another Global TV station, about 800 miles from Winnipeg. The cameras are remotely controlled from Calgary, with Joe calling the shots. The show is just another news show for Kunkel, slotted between local news shows he directs as suppertime news slots move from east to west across various Canadian cities according to the time zones.

And don't forget that Canada has six time zones, so Kunkel presumably has pretty long days.

Incidentally, I didn't realize that the Empoprise-NTN blog buddy Jeremy St. Louis had left the show. But if you want to work for him, St. Louis (now News Director at Golden West in Manitoba) is looking for someone to work on the news team for AM1250/Mix 96 FM.

And Derek Taylor has also departed, although he is still working for the same company as a morning news anchor.
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