Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Believe it or not, February 22nd edition

I learned two interesting things on the Internet today.

BJ Lownie shared a surprising observation in The Proposal Guys blog. Lownie is a leading proposal consultant, and thus is a trusted authority.

...I was quite surprised when I recently learned that a term I’ve always thought to be a proper English word in fact is not....

To see the word in question, read the post.

(But why did BJ entitle the post "Defining words"?)

The other interesting item was shared by Lewis Cunningham. As an Oracle ACE Director, he is clearly an authority on programming and coding.

I have been coding for a long time and have pretty much seen it all. Today I present 9 tips for becoming a master programmer. If you follow these tips, people will stare at you as you walk by. They will talk about you around water coolers. Your code will be used as an example in code reviews. Of this I promise!

Be sure to read each of his 9 tips.

(But why does this helpful post have a "humor" tag?)

Oh, and be sure to read through all the comments on Lownie's and Cunningham's posts.
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