Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The beauty of the immediacy of blogging - talking about the Patriots' potential MVP

I recently took a look back at the reactions of various people to Facebook's acquisition of FriendFeed - things that were said on the day the acquisition happened. None of us knew where things would be 2 1/2 years later, but that didn't stop us from expressing our views at that time.

But I ran across a more immediate example - a New England Patriots blogger who was taking guesses at possible MVPs while the game was still going on. At the end of the first half, ahart wrote:

The Patriots only hold a one-point lead at the halftime. But assuming the favorite coming in builds on the advantage coming out of the half, it’s never too early to think MVP.

Tom Brady, Danny Woodhead, and Aaron Hernandez were possible candidates at that point in the game. The post concluded:

But with so much game left to play and the outcome very much in doubt, the one who earns MVP immortality will probably have to do it with a big second half performance.

In the end, that second half performance came from Eli Manning - a player on the opposing team.

But if the blogger hadn't captured those thoughts at the end of the first half, they would have been lost.

That's the advantage of blogging - it allows you to capture things at the moment, before you've had time to process them. Of course there are disadvantages, since there are some who would pooh-pooh the idea of a Patriots MVP after the fact.

But I, for one, appreciate the opportunity to see what people were thinking at any given moment.
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