Thursday, January 19, 2012

(empo-tuulwey) One person's "texture" is another person's "leash"

My daughter introduced me to the blog Craft Fail, which documents some true failures (such as the person who attached chocolate malted milk balls to an Easter wreath with a hot glue gun) as well as failures of other kinds.

Many of us build things and intend them to be used for a particular purpose. But toddlers often ignore the purposes for which the tools were intended. Why? One reason is because the toddlers don't know any better - something that makes perfect sense to an adult mind is outside of the comprehension of a toddler. Another reason is that the toddlers are often right.

Carissa shared the story of a book box that she made for her toddler, intending that the box be used as a receptacle in which his books could be placed. As she created the box, Carissa used her creativity:

To decorate the book box, I wrapped some leftover black yarn around the top to give it some texture.

A minor little cosmetic detail, but at the end of the day this became an important feature to the toddler.

Apparently what I saw as decoration, my son saw as “leash.”

More details at Craft Fail and at Creative Carissa. Check the embedded video on the latter.
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