Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A client from hell that is too much even for "Clients from Hell"

I'll occasionally highlight Clients from Hell online, but I don't do it much because the pieces are pretty much self-contained - if I quoted from the piece, I'd have to quote the whole thing, which is too much even for me - and the site does not allow comments.

But in a recent interview, Harrison Weber asked editor Bryce Bladon to talk about his OWN "client from hell" experiences. Bladon replied:

I have the good fortune to pick-and-choose my clients these days, but here’s one that I never submitted to the site because it’s simply not that believable.

He then proceeded to relate the story:

I had driven down to a foreign city on vacation when a client (a local here) called me in a panic asking for help on Thanksgiving Day. Despite being on vacation and the payment well below my usual rate, I delayed my return trip, booked another night and...

And then...well, go here to read the rest.

Especially the part about the traffic camera.
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