Saturday, October 1, 2011

Here's how to REALLY cause worldwide ecoomic disruption

Some people think that you can cause worldwide economic disruption by doubling the price of oil, or having a war in a gold-producing area.

But disruptions caused by these items, although painful, are relatively minor.

CNN reveals how you can REALLY cause disruption.

About one of every two people in the world relies on rice as a staple food, according to the Manila-based International Rice Research Institute.

The Institute also notes that rice prices have risen 7.2% over the past six months.


Because there is one country that produces one-third of the world's rice. That country is Thailand, and this week's government in Thailand is fulfilling a campaign promise to raise the price of rice.

Meanwhile, another source of rice is Japan, and some of that country's rice-growing areas are kinda sorta radioactive at the moment. This means that Japan may have to look to other countries for rice.

So those of us who are used to pricing barrels of oil may want to start pricing metric tons of rice. As of August, the price was US$570.

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