Friday, August 19, 2011

Assimilate in your company

I recently read a reference to "training and assimilation" in a document that was not written by a native English speaker. When I first saw the word "assimilation," I immediately thought of the Borg from the Star Trek universe.

However, it turns out that assimilation can be used in a business context. Here's an example:

VOLARO is highly experienced in assimilating enterprise information systems such as ERP - SAP, Billing & CRM systems, which require in-depth understanding of large scale organizational IT Systems. VOALRO experts study the specific customer's software creating a comprehensive assimilation program for the software, including training material and implementation plans.

Microsoft's Encarta dictionary illuminates the meaning:

learning process: the integration of new knowledge or information with what is already known

Of course, the term "assimilation" can also be used in a religious context.
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