Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MAH (more acronym hell)

Yes, we have another acronym:

After many years of years of operating as two separate regional organizations – the LAOUG and OCOUG are bringing the Oracle User Community together as one for a new SUPER Regional User Group (RUG) to better serve the needs of Oracle technology professionals across the Southland!

This isn't just confined to Oracle or to PeopleSoft. The acronym "RUG" is also used by ESRI and by many other groups.

My only question - if the sponsoring organization decides in the future that local user groups are the way to go, and the several RUGs become a whole slew of LUGs, then is it accurate to say that something got pulled from under the regional user groups?

Of course, the sponsoring organization may not like local user groups either. Perhaps a Metropolitan User Group (MUG) is more desirable, or a State User Group (SUG) in the U.S. or Australia, or a Provincial User Group (PUG) in Canada. Or you could move up to the national user group (NUG) level.

Or you could forget it all, and put everyone together in a world user group (WUG).

But is that big enough? What if there are Martians building canals who need to talk to other sentient beings about database organization? Do we need a solar system user group (SSUG), or perhaps a galactic user group (GUG)?

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