Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What about DEPUTY mayors in Foursquare?

In a surprising sort of way, I was an early adopter of Foursquare - at least in the Inland Empire of California. In fact, at one point I won the Super Mayor award for holding down 10 mayor positions at once. But as time passed, the number of my mayorships dwindled, until I was down to one mayorship.

Now I'm up to two again.

I just ousted Cynthia C. as the mayor of Costco on @foursquare!

As I write this (and it could change by the end of the day), I am the only recognized mayor at the Costco in Montclair, California, and Cynthia C. is now not recognized at all.

This points out one issue with Foursquare - there can only be one mayor at a time. And if you're not the mayor, you can be buried in the slew of visitors to the location. And if you lose a mayorship, it's often hard to get it back.

But what if Foursquare recognized deputy mayors, or somehow had a leaderboard of the top n people at any location?

Now some people may argue that this is part of the communist liberal agenda, in which true leaders are not recognized and everybody gets credit.

But on the other hand, is the naming of a single mayor for each location so exclusionary that some people may just give up on Foursquare altogether?
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