Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Crime? Marketing.

Sometimes, if you engage in marketing, you can be accused of bad taste.

But sometimes, if you engage in marketing, you can be detained by the police.


A GROUP of 36 young Dutch fans in orange miniskirts were detained for several hours at Soccer City stadium for wearing outfits designed by a Dutch beer company, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The dresses were sold with Bavaria Beer packs in the Netherlands in the run-up to the World Cup, but football governing body Fifa accused the young women of staging an ambush marketing campaign, The Star said.

Why would FIFA care?

Budweiser, an official sponsor, is the only beer company allowed to advertise within the stadiums. Fifa fiercely protects its marketing interests, which are a major cash spinner for the organisation.

Now I've heard of fiercely protecting marketing interests, but even Apple wouldn't call the police on you...whoops, I guess they would (as Jason Chen can attest).

Now if this truly is a Bavaria Beer-sponsored campaign, perhaps they can regroup. Instead of using orange miniskirts, maybe they can use orange-covered vuvuzelas (the noisemakers that FIFA says are OK).
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