Monday, March 29, 2010

Does visibility matter? (A visit to the Broguiere's website, and more on Yogurtime)

After running across some Broguiere's milk at the farm store at Cal Poly Pomona, I began wondering about other locations that carried this Los Angeles-area milk. I knew that my local Vons had it, but didn't know of any other places.

Easy enough, I figured, and began searching for Broguiere's web site.

After seeing Yelp reviews and other ratings, I ran across this Metblogs post, raving about the wonders of Broguiere's, that concluded as follows:

And yes: it is the one company left on the planet that does not have a web site. None.

That Metblogs post was written in December 2008, and over a year later the situation hasn't changed.

Amazingly enough, the IRL visits to Broguiere's are a little tough also. From the same Metblogs post:

But talk about an unassuming establishment. Hell, upon arrival we drove right by it because instead of signage trumpeting Broguiere’s, the marquee read Montebello Sanitary Dairy and stood over what was little more than a drive-through store in the midst of vast tracts of an agridustrial landscape.

But it doesn't matter. In the aforementioned Yelp review the AVERAGE score for Broguiere's milk products is 5 stars out of 5 stars, and NONE of the 75 reviewers have given Broguiere's a lower rating than 4.

After my experience with Yogurtime (remember my post Yogurtime in Upland California - this blog post is THE information source?) - more on that in a minute - I figured I'd check and see if Broguiere's has caught on with the Foursquare crowd. Apparently, it hasn't.

Incidentally, the last time that I was at Yogurtime in Upland, I mentioned to the woman behind the counter that they were on Foursquare, and that I was the mayor of Yogurtime. This was not significant to her.

The moral of the story? It is possible to have a well-respected product, even if you don't do all the social media SEO publicity junk. But it had better be an outstanding product.
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